What's the difference inbetween different kinds of spas

Confusion often occurs because the differences used by the spa industry to convey what kind of experience the guest might expect have become blurred. Spas offering an immersive wellness experience, traditional destinations are now called spas. On the other hand, more wellness options such as exercise classes, personal trainers, even consultations with integrative medical professionals have been added to traditional resort spas.

Day Spas

More services are offered by traditional day spas, including body treatments and nails. They have amenities such as changing rooms, robes and slippers, steam room, sauna, and a "room of tranquility" with treatments such as tea, lemon water, dried fruit and nuts. Day spas are often associated with a hair salon, but to maintain a calm spa atmosphere, they should be in a separate wing or on another floor. Many spas on a day-to-day basis are open to locals, but they are more expensive and have more lavish facilities.

Destination Spas

The entire environment is focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle, with lots of exercise classes, physical and mental wellness-oriented lectures, and special interest programs such as hiking. Destination spa tubs usually require two to three nights’ minimum stay and encourage longer stays. The destinations are often limited in age; adolescents aged 16 and over are usually allowed.

Among its most the most famous traditional destination spas (and costly) examples are the Canyon Ranch and Golden Door, which offer a health-related experience without the luxury factor. There are more budget-oriented options.

Mineral spring Spa

These spas offer a natural mineral, thermal or seawater source on-site that is used in treatments for hydrotherapy.

It is the historic root of the spa experience when, for their health benefits, people traveled to mineral waters. In the 19th century, this spa culture reached its zenith when the wealthy gathered to see and be seen in elaborate palaces of pleasure. Many of these, such as The Greenbrier in West Virginia, The Omni Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia, and the Baden-Baden spas in Germany, remain open and offer a taste of the past alongside more modern offerings.

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