We have a new range of spasn come and try them!

After a hard day's work, we all need a break and relaxation session. But we do not always have the means to afford this luxury. However, contrary to popular belief, it is now possible to install a spa at home. Just find the right one and the model that suits his house, his possibilities etc. This is exactly what our store wants. Indeed, we make available to our customers various types of spa.

The strengths of our products

Our spas are high-end products. They are designed for all homes. There are also models for professionals and spa rooms. We offer several forms of whirlpool hot tub. Customers can choose one according to their needs and taste.

We also offer other services to our customers. These are the advice we offer free when they come to us. But we can also come to them and study together the possibilities to help them refine their choice.

As for the installation, we have professionals who can take charge of this mission. This is also part of our services.

How to choose a spa?

Before buying a spa, there are several parameters that need to be considered. In general, they are: the dimensions of the room that will receive the spa, the construction of this room (it must be known if it will support the installation) and the decoration already in place.

The first parameter allows you to set the size of the whirlpool hot tub. The second one determines if it would be rational to put it in the chosen room, if another room should be chosen or if work should first be done to make the installation possible. And the last parameter allows you to choose the basic characteristics of the spa: its design, shape, color and so on.

Only after having studied all these points can one proceed to the purchase. They are the basis for the safety and comfort of users.

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