What type of spa is right for you

This question is perfectly legitimate when one thinks of investing in well-being wellness equipment. In addition, it is not uncommon that in jacuzzi sales outlets or in a manufacturer's boutique, we find out about your expectations and needs in terms of relaxation to offer you the spa tub that's right for you.

Spas in stores

In most cases, the spas offered in stores are portable or inflatable models. These types of spa are classified as entry-level, although some above-ground spas are now more and more complex.

Regarding the inflatable spa, its fun aspect calls for conviviality and moments shared with family or friends. It perfectly meets the needs of relaxation since it is its only option. In its inflatable spa is integrated its entire jet system to produce bubbles for the hot tubs.

As for the above-ground model, it is sometimes difficult to locate it in the range of inputs since it could be as complex as it is easy to use. Thus, certain ranges of above-ground spas benefit from the same options as a traditional spa with numerous jets for massages, more powerful pumps and filters. This type of spa could also include other comfort options such as chromotherapy or music therapy.

Classic spa and balneotherapy

If you prefer to stay in the classic model, a built-in or semi-buried spa, you will be recommended to visit a spa manufacturer shop. Thus, it will take into account your project while analyzing your needs and expectations. The advantage with a builder is his generosity in terms of advice to carry out your project. Be aware that it is entirely possible to integrate all the options in a classic spa to enhance its elegance.

As for balneotherapy, it is devoted to the transformation of a bathroom into a spa or for dwellings which would devote a room to make it a temple for relaxation and well-being and that the whole of this room can only reflect Luxury, calm and voluptuousness.

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